Alabama Wheelchair Specialists
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Client and Caregiver

What products are available from Alabama Wheelchair Specialists?  Well, wheelchairs of course, both motorized and manual.  We also carry scooters, walkers, gait trainers, adaptive strollers, bath seats, standers, and many other items useful to children and adults who use assistive technology in their daily lives.
Does insurance pay or help pay for these items?  Many insurance plans do.  Some pay a portion, some pay 100%.  Some pay for certain items and not for others.  The best way to find out for sure is to call our office and speak to a representative.
I saw an ad on TV that said if Medicare didn't pay for my power chair I could get one for free. What's that all about?  Remember when your parents told you if it sounded too good to be true it probably was? Well, in this case you really have to read the small print, so to speak. The companies that advertise on TV are usually saying if they "pre-approve" you for a power chair or scooter and Medicare denies the claim you get to keep it for free. What they aren't telling you is that's the law, they have to do that! If any provider accepts Medicare assignment and Medicare denies the claim that provider cannot legally bill you for the equipment unless you signed a document called an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) . Call our office. We'll explain it to you truthfully, in plain English.
How can I get a power wheelchair or scooter?  If we will be filing insurance for you, start by getting a prescription from your doctor.  This can be faxed to our office at (205) 322-3253.  (If your doctor faxes the prescription to us make sure they put your name and telephone number on it so we can give you a call.)  We will contact you and set up an evaluation to help you choose the very best product to fit your lifestyle.
I am currently seeing a physical therapist; can my therapist help me get the equipment I am seeking?  Yes!  By all means discuss your wishes with your therapist.  A physical or occupational therapist can be very helpful in the process.
Does Alabama Wheelchair Specialists have very lightweight wheelchairs?  Yes.  We carry many ultra lightweight wheelchair frames, like Quickie, TiLite, Top End, and Invacare.
What is the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers ( NRRTS )?  This organization provides a mechanism for consumers, clinicians, and third party payers to identify qualified suppliers in order to ensure the provision of quality rehabilitation technology and related services for people with disabilities.  NRRTS promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct by its members.
What is a Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier or CRTS?   This person has worked in the field of assistive technology for at least two years, has been recommended to the national registry by three health care professionals who are confident of his/her abilities, and has passed a national certification examination for assistive technology suppliers.